Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Top blog posts among Subscribers (2007)

We've had our blog feed through Feedburner for about three months now, and these are our all-time top posts among subscribers for the year that was, 2007:

1. PMA 2008 Rumors, Predictions and Speculation
2. Pentax K20D and K200D new DSLR rumors.
3. Canon vs Nikon, forum style!
4. Countdown to Black Friday 2007
5. Canon vs Nikon, the Price Wars!
6. Photography Soup, Friday November 30, 2007 edition.
7. Nikon D60 and Canon 5D Mark II dpreview forum rumors (Forum Drive-Thru)
8. Vote and debate: Top DSLRs of all time
9. Five digital cameras we want to see in 2008
10. The DSLR Review Matrix. Check the bottom of the MATRIX for a list of cameras recently added to the MATRIX.

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