Thursday, November 1, 2007

TV shows on photography (November 2007, USA TV)

Welcome to the November edition of the TV Guide of photography and camera related programming on USA cable and satellite. All times mentioned here are Pacific time. Please check your local listings for exact airtimes and channel numbers.

  • Fri Nov 2, 1120am, The Linda McCartney Story, on the Encore family of channels. This is based on the book Linda McCartney: A Portrait by Danny Fields. Yes, that's how she met Paul McCartney, as a photographer.
  • Sat Nov 3, 1230am, Fantasy Camp, "Photography Fantasy Camp" Nature photographer Roy Toft in the beautiful Costa Rican rain forest, on the Fantasy Living channel.
  • Sat Nov 3, 1am, Impact: Stories of Survival: One of the stories is Photographer Electrocuted, Discovery Health Channel
  • Sun Nov 4, 830am, HistoryCENTER, "Patton's War Photographs II" Personal photographs by and of Gen. George Patton during World War II, The History Channel
  • Sun Nov 4, 6pm, When Cameras Cross the Line: Paparazzi follow celebrities in hopes of taking valuable photographs, on FOX Reality.
  • Sun Nov 4, 1pm and 11pm The Shot, finding the Next Top Fashion Photographer, a brand new 8-episode reality series on VH1, details via the Imaging Insider. The show repeats daily on VH1, with new episodes every Sunday. You have to try hard to miss it :)
  • Mon Nov 5, 2am, Your Reality Checked "The Fashion Photographer" A fashion designer tries his hand at photography, The Fantasy Living Channel.
  • Tue Nov 6, 10am, THS Investigates: Paparazzi, on E!
  • Tue Nov 6, 7pm and 10pm, Heart of Art: "Photography and Perceptions of the West" on BYU-TV. Museum director and MOA curators reveal the basic principles of art appreciation as they apply to the photography that captures the American West.

    Photography Week on digital cable/satellite channel Ovation TV
    This dpreview forum thread informs us that the Ovation TV channel has a photography week, which includes the USA debut of the BBC documentary series "The Genius of Photography", episodes of their original series "Close Up: Photographers at work" featuring Timothy Greenfield-Sanders , Albert Maysles, Andrew Moore and Sylvia Plachy. Also a documentary-portrait of David LaChapelle.

    VH1's The Shot
    Stay tuned every Sunday for new episodes of VH1's new reality tv show The Shot. New episodes debut on Sundays, and repeat throughout the week. Check with your local listings, and the On-Demand feature of your cable company for more details. If you missed any episodes, you can get them from Amazon Unbox for $2 per episode. you can also have them sent to your TiVo!

  • Times for these may vary from local station to local station, so I am only providing the titles. Be sure to check with your local listings for air dates and airtimes
  • One episode of the series "Wild Chronicles" is "Aerial images of South America", with photographer Robert Haas.
  • At Close Range with National Geographic, photographer Joel Sartore shoots in some of the world's most exotic locations (1 hour long)
  • Expedition Florida: "The Wild Heart of Florida" Photographers Jeff Ripple and Clyde Butcher search for the rare ghost orchid
  • Independent Lens episode titled "Revolucion: Five Visions" Five Cuban photographers have very different perspectives on their art and the Cuban Revolution. More details on this at the Imaging Insider
  • Antiques Roadshow: In an episode entitled "Hot Springs", signed Ansel Adams phtoographs are featured.
  • Travels to the Edge With Art Wolfe, a 30-minute photography/travel series. Photographer Art Wolfe explores remote locations around the world.

  • Want more photography documentaries? Check our earlier post on Photography documentaries on DVD

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