Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Shutter Clicks

Overheard in the dpreview forums

  • The Sony H9 is a popular topic as it starts becoming available. Discussions here
  • Discussion on the Olympus E410 in the Oly forum
  • A curiousity poll in the Pro forum, what are you using?
  • Trying to decide between the D40 and the D50?
  • Another regular hot topic, high ISO and myths surrounding it

    Shopaholics Only! The Olympus Stylus 750 digital camera is offered as today's deal of the day at Amazon for $200. This camera has 7 megapixels, and a 5x optical zoom lens and CCD anti-shake image stabilization. The deal of the day price is $200 and that price is only good for today! Also you get free standard shipping and a coupon code for a free 20-page Classic Photo Book (a $29.99 value) from Shutterfly. If you are not familiar with this camera, you can read its reviews. has a list of reviews, including Imaging Resource, dcresource and steve's digicams.

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  • Thursday, April 26, 2007

    New Sony S800 (8mp, 6x optical)

    News of the world

  • New digital camera from Sony in Europe!!! The Cybershot S800 is an 8mp 1/1.8" CCD (bravo!!!), 6x optical Sony lens, 2cm macro, 2.5" LCD, 2 AA batteries (NiMH supplied provide 390 CIPA shots), available end of May., Google search with many results including Gidmodo, I4U, CrunchGear, Electronista
  • Everybody gets firmware updates! Well, not quite everybody, but has the details on firmware updates for the Pentax K10D, Fuji S5 Pro, Canon D-Rebel 400D (aka XTi), Sigma SD14, along with software updates from Adobe and Pentax. Also one from Ricoh
  • Camera sales up 55% at Panasonic for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2007. dpreview forum discussion
  • The 2007 TIPA awards have been announced!. TIPA describes their award as the "European 'Oscar' of the Photo & Imaging Industry".
  • Sigma lists their lens that are (AF-)compatible with the Nikon D40. IR story
  • New Sanyo Xacti S70 (7mp, 3x, AA) for 129 euro.

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Going from JPEG to RAW?
  • First impressions on the new Sony H9 here, and here, and here!
  • The sky is falling in this Pentax-themed post (just because the new lenses have been delayed)
  • A user posts his/hers honest thoughts on the Olympus E400
  • And a very profound internal debate: Do you remove the lens cap before taking pictures?
  • Another popular topic is anything that has to do with B&H Photo

    Reviews Of Interest (RoI)
  • posts their home-brewed review of the Pentax K10D. Pentax day continues with a serving of ... pancakes at (reviewing 40mm and 70mm DA pancakes)
  • Thom Hogan takes the Nikon D40x for a spin
  • And one of the few stabilized superzooms with RAW, the Panasonic FZ8 (silver or black) gets reviewed at multi-lingual Tres bon!

    Market Share Numbers
  • The numbers are in from Japan for the year 2006 according to the IDC report. Yahoo Reuters has the story. Also mentioned in the Panasonic dpreview forum by "Erik37".
  • So let's jump in and disect the numbers, comparing the whole year of 2006 to 2005!
    The overall market grew 14.5% to 106 million units shipped.
  • 1. Canon, 18.7% market share, 19.7m cameras, +23.3% increase in shipments. 2005 market share: 17.4%
  • 2. Sony, 15.8% market share. 2005 market share: 15.2%
  • 3. Kodak, 10.0% market share. 2005 market share: 14.2%
  • 4. Olympus, 8.6% market share. 2005 market share: 9.8%%
  • 5. Samsung 7.8% market share. 2005 market share: 3.8%. 2005 rank: #9. Needless to say this is very impressive!
  • 6. Nikon 7.6% market share. 2005 market share: 7.9%

    DSLRS were a hot growth segment, reaching 5 million and 39% growth
  • 1. Canon, 46.7% market share. +30.7% growth. 2005 market share: 49.5%
  • 2. Nikon, 33% market share. +35.9% growth. 2005 market share: 33.7%
  • 3. Sony, 6.2% market share. 2005 market share: 0.0%
  • 4. Olympus 5.9% market share. 2005 market share: 5.7%
  • 5. Pentax 5.4% market share. 2005 market share: 4.6%

    2006 Hard Numbers, overall market
    1. Canon 18.7%, 19747351
    2. Sony 15.8%, 16718209
    3. Kodak 10%, 10567943
    4. Olympus 8.6%, 9117141
    5. Samsung 7.8%, 8281648
    6. Nikon 7.6%, 8060250
    *. Everybody else: 32.5%
    *. Total 106 million shipments

    2005 Hard Numbers, overall market
    1. Canon 17.4%, 16030746
    2. Sony 15.2%, 14024195
    3. Kodak 14.2%, 13144883
    4. Olympus 9.8%, 9089576
    5. Nikon 7.9%, 7251566
    *. Samsung 3.8%, 3546367

    2006 Hard Numbers, DSLRs
    1. Canon 46.7%, 2460339
    2. Nikon 33%, 1740169
    3. Sony 6.2%, 326240
    4. Olympus 5.9%, 311116
    5. Pentax 5.4%, 285932
    *. Everybody else: 2.8%
    *. Total DSLR shipments: 5 million

    2005 Hard Numbers, DSLRs
    1. Canon 49.5%, 1882162
    2. Nikon 33.7%, 1280172
    *. Olympus 5.7%, 217135
    *. Pentax 4.6%, 175112
    *. Sony 0.0%
    *. Everybody else: 5.5%

    Derivations from the numbers
  • Sony in 2006 handily beat Minolta in 2005
  • Nikon may have dropped in market share ranking, but over 20% of the cameras they shipped were DSLRs (much higher price than average digital camera).
  • more coming soon!

    Eye Candy segment

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  • Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Mid-week shutter clicks

    Overheard in the dpreview forums

  • A comparison between the Fuji F31fd and the Canon 5D is bound to generate some interesting debates
  • If you like Foveon discussions, here is another one!
  • Full resolution Olympus E410 images discussed in this one
  • A curiousity poll: where do you buy your lenses?
  • The Arrival! No, not the movie, but of the Canon 1D Mark III is discussed
  • This curiosity post wants to know why you love Nikon so much

    Blog Feedback If you have any suggestions, recommendations, corrections, ideas on this blog, please feel free to post them as a comment or email them to my gmail address (the name of the blog is the address name that comes before the @ part). (I'm not posting it here in order to prevent crawler spam-bots from picking it up).

    Eye-Candy segment

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  • Monday, April 23, 2007

    Monday Shutter Clicks

    Overheard in the Forums

  • A dpreview forum user gets his hands on the super-zoom Sony H9. Another post has ISO samples from the H9.
  • A dpreview forum discussion on Rob Galbraith's first impressions on the Canon 1D Mark III
  • And for outdoor life lovers, here's a couple of weekly threads, the Sunday Bird in the Olympus SLR dpreview forum, and the Weekly Wildlife in the Canon SLR Lens talk forum.
  • This discussion focuses on Sigma SD14's white balance. As always, anything Foveon is a hot button issue in the dpreview forums.

    Reviews of Interest (RoI)
  • Long-winded verbose sentences that go nowhere describe the next review, but it's one of the first reviews of the Olympus E410, so we are reading it with great interest. LetsGoDigital review
  • IR goes through the Casio EX-S770 and the EX-Z700

    New News
  • New from Minox Germany is the Minox DC 1022, a 10mp, 6x optical according to IR (Imaging Resource).
  • If you love AA batteries, you will be thrilled to find out that (I too can write long-winded verbose sentences that go nowhere), Sanyo is releasing a 2-slot AA/AAA USB-battery charger. Press release at IR. Available May 21st.
  • Now your pharmacist will teach you how to take better pictures. Well not quite like that, but almost.

    Eye Candy Segment featuring the Sanyo Eneloops!

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  • Saturday, April 21, 2007

    Weekend Shutter Clicks

    Overheard in the forums

  • What is the Human Eye's ISO? (dpreview thread). Clark Vision link
  • A hands-on user review of the Olympus E410 in the Olympus SLR dpreview forum.
  • Another dpreview forum user compares pictures from the Ricoh GX100 and the Fuji F11.
  • A curiousity poll: how many digital cameras do you have?
  • Continuing with the Olympus theme, this user is switching from Olympus to the Canon 1D Mark III
  • Free Software!. dpreview thread discussing the free Arcsoft RAW thumbnail viewer for Windows. Direct link

  • Looking for some digital camera recommendations? Steve's Digicams has compiled a list of their recommendations.

    Shopping segment
  • This is for shopaholics only, some digital camera deals
  • The Samsung Pro815 (the last remaining 2/3" 8mp camera) is now down to $400.

    Eye-candy segment While not photographs, the photography of the Planet Earth BBC documentary series ranges from excellent to WOW! The DVDs are available for purchase at Amazon in standard-definition, BluRay and HD-DVD. Unless you are entrenched in a high-definition format, the standard DVD is the safest thing to buy right now :)

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  • Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Topics of discussion

    Here are some hot topics being vigorously discussed in the dpreview and other photography forums:

  • A strong magnetic field causes a camera to go into psychadelic mode (half a dozen embedded pictures in the link).
  • The need for an Olympus flagship DSLR camera
  • The Extended Optical Zoom feature on Panasonic digital cameras.
  • Discussion on switching from Ricoh R4 to R6 with samples user pictures.
  • Thanks to dpf user AnuragP for the link to an online photo printing price comparator at
  • In the Pro forum, a discussion on money matters, photography, wealth and retirement.
  • Meanwhile some users long for a cheap, basic, barebones DSLR without any frills, scenes, bells and whistles that are found in most of today's sub-$1000 DSLRs.
  • A dcresource forum user summarized the ratings of various online retailers from three different ratings services (, and in this dcresource thread
  • The topic of Sigma and Foveon is almost as controversial as Pete Rose and the baseball hall of fame. Here is another round

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  • Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    1001 Noisy Cameras, the first post!

    R&D Segment. A couple of interesting R&D (research and development) posts in the dpreview forums. The first one may sound like an April Fool's Day joke, but it's for real!

  • Plenoptics (dpreview thread). Stanford University link
  • Step Inside your Cameras (dpreview thread). Direct link

    ROI segment. We've got a couple of reviews of interest that were posted the last few days:
  • Simon at dpreview posted a review of the Fuji F31fd. The biggest item of interest in this camera is the low noise of the Fuji SuperCCD sensor compared to other digital camera sensors of similar size. Check the review to find out what their ...findings were. I won't spoil the outcome!
  • Also at dpreview, Phil reviewed the Panasonic L1, Panasonic's first DSLR. Of interest is not just how well their first DSLR did, but also the included "Leica" MegaOIS lens bundled with it, along with the Panasonic sensor. You have to read the review to find out more...
  • A camera that has taken the camera enthusiasts world by storm, not because of its advanced features or its great image quality, but because of its compact and fun design gets reviewied by dcresource. Oh which camera is that? None other than the Panasonic TZ-3 (Travel Zoom, not Trouble Zoom by the way).
  • Continuing with the SuperCCD theme, Fuji's S9100 (a refresher model of the S9000) gets reviewed by Imaging Resource. Fuji is the probably last of the major camera makers without optical image stabilization or sensor anti-shake stabilization in its long zooms, but that does not necessarily condemn this camera. Read the review to find out!

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  • Welcome to 1001 Noisy Cameras!

  • Why this name? Because all the other conceivable names have been taken! And it's a rather silly/catchy name as well. Besides, it's a measurable fact that most of today's digital cameras are noisy :)
  • What is this blog about? This blog will be about photography, focusing mostly on digital cameras.
  • New Segments: ROI: ROI or RoI will be pointing at Reviews of Interest, for example, reviews of cameras of high interest, or breakthrough reviews in their own right. Also look for the Eye Candy segment, where pictures of various cameras in different poses will be shown. If you are reading this blog, you are likely to like digital cameras :-)
  • This blog is a continuation of my previous blog, Photography Etc at LiveJournal. Blogger2 offers more flexibility for my blogging style and is more integrated with other Google tools and services. Over time I will be "porting" some of the "static content" from there to here.
  • Everything in this blog is a work in progress and subject to change (hopefully improved) :-)
  • If you have any suggestions or recommendations or critiques or ideas or requests for stories or things to keep track of, please feel free to email or post them as comments.

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