Wednesday, April 18, 2007

1001 Noisy Cameras, the first post!

R&D Segment. A couple of interesting R&D (research and development) posts in the dpreview forums. The first one may sound like an April Fool's Day joke, but it's for real!

  • Plenoptics (dpreview thread). Stanford University link
  • Step Inside your Cameras (dpreview thread). Direct link

    ROI segment. We've got a couple of reviews of interest that were posted the last few days:
  • Simon at dpreview posted a review of the Fuji F31fd. The biggest item of interest in this camera is the low noise of the Fuji SuperCCD sensor compared to other digital camera sensors of similar size. Check the review to find out what their ...findings were. I won't spoil the outcome!
  • Also at dpreview, Phil reviewed the Panasonic L1, Panasonic's first DSLR. Of interest is not just how well their first DSLR did, but also the included "Leica" MegaOIS lens bundled with it, along with the Panasonic sensor. You have to read the review to find out more...
  • A camera that has taken the camera enthusiasts world by storm, not because of its advanced features or its great image quality, but because of its compact and fun design gets reviewied by dcresource. Oh which camera is that? None other than the Panasonic TZ-3 (Travel Zoom, not Trouble Zoom by the way).
  • Continuing with the SuperCCD theme, Fuji's S9100 (a refresher model of the S9000) gets reviewed by Imaging Resource. Fuji is the probably last of the major camera makers without optical image stabilization or sensor anti-shake stabilization in its long zooms, but that does not necessarily condemn this camera. Read the review to find out!

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