Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Shutter Clicks

Overheard in the Forums

  • A dpreview forum user gets his hands on the super-zoom Sony H9. Another post has ISO samples from the H9.
  • A dpreview forum discussion on Rob Galbraith's first impressions on the Canon 1D Mark III
  • And for outdoor life lovers, here's a couple of weekly threads, the Sunday Bird in the Olympus SLR dpreview forum, and the Weekly Wildlife in the Canon SLR Lens talk forum.
  • This discussion focuses on Sigma SD14's white balance. As always, anything Foveon is a hot button issue in the dpreview forums.

    Reviews of Interest (RoI)
  • Long-winded verbose sentences that go nowhere describe the next review, but it's one of the first reviews of the Olympus E410, so we are reading it with great interest. LetsGoDigital review
  • IR goes through the Casio EX-S770 and the EX-Z700

    New News
  • New from Minox Germany is the Minox DC 1022, a 10mp, 6x optical according to IR (Imaging Resource).
  • If you love AA batteries, you will be thrilled to find out that (I too can write long-winded verbose sentences that go nowhere), Sanyo is releasing a 2-slot AA/AAA USB-battery charger. Press release at IR. Available May 21st.
  • Now your pharmacist will teach you how to take better pictures. Well not quite like that, but almost.

    Eye Candy Segment featuring the Sanyo Eneloops!

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