Thursday, April 19, 2007

Topics of discussion

Here are some hot topics being vigorously discussed in the dpreview and other photography forums:

  • A strong magnetic field causes a camera to go into psychadelic mode (half a dozen embedded pictures in the link).
  • The need for an Olympus flagship DSLR camera
  • The Extended Optical Zoom feature on Panasonic digital cameras.
  • Discussion on switching from Ricoh R4 to R6 with samples user pictures.
  • Thanks to dpf user AnuragP for the link to an online photo printing price comparator at
  • In the Pro forum, a discussion on money matters, photography, wealth and retirement.
  • Meanwhile some users long for a cheap, basic, barebones DSLR without any frills, scenes, bells and whistles that are found in most of today's sub-$1000 DSLRs.
  • A dcresource forum user summarized the ratings of various online retailers from three different ratings services (, and in this dcresource thread
  • The topic of Sigma and Foveon is almost as controversial as Pete Rose and the baseball hall of fame. Here is another round

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