Saturday, April 21, 2007

Weekend Shutter Clicks

Overheard in the forums

  • What is the Human Eye's ISO? (dpreview thread). Clark Vision link
  • A hands-on user review of the Olympus E410 in the Olympus SLR dpreview forum.
  • Another dpreview forum user compares pictures from the Ricoh GX100 and the Fuji F11.
  • A curiousity poll: how many digital cameras do you have?
  • Continuing with the Olympus theme, this user is switching from Olympus to the Canon 1D Mark III
  • Free Software!. dpreview thread discussing the free Arcsoft RAW thumbnail viewer for Windows. Direct link

  • Looking for some digital camera recommendations? Steve's Digicams has compiled a list of their recommendations.

    Shopping segment
  • This is for shopaholics only, some digital camera deals
  • The Samsung Pro815 (the last remaining 2/3" 8mp camera) is now down to $400.

    Eye-candy segment While not photographs, the photography of the Planet Earth BBC documentary series ranges from excellent to WOW! The DVDs are available for purchase at Amazon in standard-definition, BluRay and HD-DVD. Unless you are entrenched in a high-definition format, the standard DVD is the safest thing to buy right now :)

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