Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes at Pentax?

Dollars and Sense

  • A very detailed look at the latest financial results of Olympus, in this Olympus dpreview forum thread. Lots of juicy details, a must read. Among other things, Olympus hopes to double their DSLR shipments if all goes well...
  • Another Olympus dpreview discussion here
  • Rebates rebates rebates! An interesting discussion in the dpreview Open Talk forum. Mentioned in this discussion is an AOL Finance story on rebates. From my personal experience, the best rebate systems right now are online submission of rebates using data from the cash register receipt. My award goes to Staples and Rite Aid for their online rebate systems. I wish the other retailers and manufacturers followed suit. (Please note not everything sold there can be submitted online, check each rebate form before buying and submitting).

    Update on the Pentax situation!
  • New information has come out, including a Reuters story, a Yomiuri Shimbun story, and a Reuters Technology article.
  • The sale of their Tokyo HQ will bring them around $100 million. Not a bad real estate deal :-)
  • The dpreview News forum has a discussion of a Nikkei Japan story (full article for subscribers only). Among the things mentioned is that Pentax will sell their Tokyo headquarters, and withdraw from less profitable businesses. The original poster of the said forum thread says they will stop the never-ending development of the 645D as well. I do not have a subscription to Nikkei Net so I do not know what the full article says... This is also discussed in the Pentax SLR dpreview forum. More on this as more information becauses available...

    Photography, Etc
  • Inspirational?
  • Cool Free Online Gadget!: Measuring your camera's lag time using this webpage at Mentioned by dpreview forum user ledittmar.
  • Here is a cool Linux-based site offering that checks camera prices at various retailers:
  • has a photography-related story by Jody Jenkins that deals with the protecting children, camping, nudity, and paranoia.
  • New network cameras from Panasonic
  • GE cameras find a US distributor!. The Attack of the GE Clones! Direct link to GE digital cameras page
  • Remember, the old blog is still there and the static content will eventually be ported here. Photography Etc

    Reviews of Interest (RoI)
  • The highly anticipated Olympus E410 gets reviewed by Then the CNET review gets reviewed by the dpreview Olympus SLR forum users
  • The trendy and hot-selling Panasonic TZ3 gets reviewed by CameraLabs
  • The Canon A570-IS gets reviewed at
  • 25 sample Sony H9 photos at, as well as 25 sample Ricoh R6 photos.
  • reviews the Olympus SP550
  • Good news for Ricoh GX100 fans, the camera will be added to the (long) review queue at dpreview.

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