Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New News and Forum discussions


  • dpreview quotes a CNET story that Kodak is phasing out low-end cameras. This is discussed in the News forum
  • New research in Korea may lead to impressive improvements in low light photography. News forum discussion
  • Memorial Day deals are starting to come up for all you shopaholics!
  • And how about some old News? Here's a blast from the past from my lj blog

    Overheard in the forums
  • Want to help people who write RAW conversion software? You can contribute your own copyright-free RAW samples. Details at, and a discussion in the forums
  • A Then & Now post on photography
  • More heated debate on the future of the Foveon sensors
  • A forum user wonders whether the Minolta A2 and A200 are still reasonable purchases
  • A very interesting point is being made here, where the police is asking anyone who took pictures near a crime scene to upload them in the hope of finding clues and capturing the criminals. As some of the posters pointed out, at times the police may also stop photographers from taking photos or acuse photographers of having "bad intentions". Join the debate!
  • Decisions decisions! This user decides what to buy: a Nikon D40 or Panasonic FZ50?

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