Monday, May 28, 2007

Nikon D40x review and other stories

Reviews of Interest (RoI)

  • The Nikon D40x dpreview review has been published!. As always, I won't spoil their findings, you have to read it for yourselves dear readers :-)
  • Also mentioned by Phil is that their Olympus E410 review has been completed, but won't be posted until Olympus sorts out a problem with the metering system of the E410s they sent out to reviewers. The Olympus forum user perspective as far as ISO comparisons.
  • The review is heavily discussed, debated and reviewed by the dpreview forum users, in Open Talk", Nikon sub-$1000 DSLR forum, news forum

    Overheard in the forums
  • A Panasonic talk forum user posts his review of the Panasonic FX100. Lots of sample pictures in his review...
  • Another sky is falling discussion in the Pentax forum
  • Like Close up pictures? Check the Weekly Closeup thread
  • A perfect couple these days, Photographers and the Police (and I'm not talking about Sting's music group)
  • Retailers gone wild!
  • Another is more megapixels better? discussion.

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