Thursday, May 24, 2007

Numbers: Q1 2007 in USA by IDC

The latest IDC digital camera shipment numbers for Q1 of 2007 in the USA market are out! The Rochester Business Journal and have the story!

So let's dig into the numbers:
1. Canon 21% market share (no surprise)
2. Sony 16% market share (no surprise)
3. Kodak 13% market share (first growth in five quarter, 5% growth compared to 2006:Q1, growth in $200-$300 range and colorful bijou cameras, esp at Target (!))
4. Samsung 11% market share (big jump from 4% last year). Very big jump and a surprise! (partially thanks to competitive pricing and availability).
7. Nikon 7% (dropped from #4 last year when they had 13%), but did well with DSLRs (as expected)
*. TOTAL 4.9 million digital camera shipments, up 6%

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