Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Overhead in the forums

  • Sources say that Pentax will accept Hoya's offer with conditions according to Reuters

  • The dpreview-Amazon story continues to be a hot topic in the dpreview forums, particularly in the News forum. Also reaction to this at CNET
  • But the most controversial one is the Lolita thread in the dpreview Open Talk forum. Also discussed at
  • Discussion of a new batch of Olympus E410 samples in the dpreview Olympus SLR forum.
  • A forum user compares his experience with the Minolta A2 and the Sony A100
  • Even the question of Coke or Pepsi generates a commotion!
  • A Ritz camera salesman confesses, and the forum users discuss it

    Reviews of Interest
  • PhotographyBlog reviews the Ricoh R6
  • The new mid-range-AA darling Canon A570-IS gets reviewed at dcresource after they had to put their Olympus E410 review on the backburner.
  • A more polished looking mid-range, the Nikon P5000 gets reviewed at CNET
  • reviews the Nikon D40x
  • A popular bijou gets reviewed at IR. I'm talking of course about the Canon SD1000 (I forgot its Ixus and Ixy model numbers).

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