Monday, May 21, 2007

Overheard in the dpreview forums

  • Mitsubishi develops a camera that ... refocuses focus!. Discussion here
  • Always a popular forum subject, the Foveon sensor, now gets a What If thread.
  • Details on the Panasonic FX-100 at Panasonic Japan. Dozens of threads on this new camera at Panasonic Talk. As you may recall Panasonic's FZ50 and LX2 use similarly-sized sensors (although the LX2 is more wide-angle), so Panasonic Talk forum users are thinking about the possibility of 12mp versions of the FZ50 (FZ60?) and LX2 (LX3?).
  • A stupid consumer (the author's words, not mine!) writes an open letter to Panasonic
  • Here's a histogram 101 discussion
  • 10 new lenses from Pentax this year?. Pentax is hoping to icnrease its annual DSLR output to 1 million by 2009, and up to 25 new lenses by 2009. More details also at the PMA newsline... Frequent forum contributor Roland Mabo lists the 10 lenses in the dpreview thread mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. Six of them are "star lenses", and all ten are DA.
  • Nudity in pictures posted always creates a commotion. Another one here
  • A discussion on the absence of cameras with sensor size between 1/1.8" and APS-C and 4/3rds. News forum
  • Forum user "omr" has a new thread on Kodak announcing a new 5mp CMOS sensor to be used in Kodak digital cameras as well as camera phones. Developed in conjunction with IBM
  • More on the Pentax/Hoya story here and here
  • Reaction to the new 12mp cameras announced today here and here and here
  • Phil renames the "Q&A forum" to "Beginners Questions forum".
  • This photographer was stopped by the police for taking pics around the harbour

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