Friday, May 25, 2007

Overheard in the dpreview forums

Overheard in the Forums

  • Hoya CEO and Pentax fashion photographer Benjamin Kanarek
  • Olympus E1 or (future) E3
  • Another heated full frame debate.
  • Another popular forum topic, fanboys and their reactions
  • Who is switching to the sight-unseen Nikon D3?
  • Bears are mean killing machines!
  • And a very funny take on full-frame vs non-full-frame DSLRs here. Well done!
  • What if Ansel Adams was alive today?
  • Not a what if, but a wtf post
  • Getting started in erotic photography?
  • HP has an anti-paparazzi technology patent filed.

    Reviews Of Interest (RoI segment)
  • reviews the Sony H9, and the Sony Talk forum at dpreview is reviewing the review. This review is generatating a lot of discussion.
  • Digital Outback Photo is posting an experiential blog-style review of the Fuji S5. A highly anticipated camera for some!
  • Steve reviews the Panasonic FZ8. The first FZ-series to include RAW.
  • Meanwhile IR reviews the Olympus 770SW, which Pogue of "It's All Geek to me" kept dropping on the floor to see if it breaks.

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