Monday, May 7, 2007

Two new from Canon!

Overheard in the Forums

  • Everybody is anxiously waiting for the next DSLR preview at dpreview. According to forum posts, there are seven DSLRs in Phil's queue. Discussion here
  • Buzzworthy camera? A dpreview forum discussion on the Ricoh GX100
  • The dpreview Nikon DSLR forum is discussing the Canon 1D Mark III first impressions of a pre-production model at Luminous Landscape. This is bound to generate some "excitement".
  • Noise, panic and a new camera are frequent hot button issues in digital camera forums. The Olympus E410 in this instance (Olympus DSLR dpreview forum discussion)
  • What is an artist?
  • Open Talk Speculation on why they dropped RAW from the Canon G7 and Nikon P5000
  • I got the power! Another discussion on AA, rechargeables and LiIons (not Lions)

    New Camera Announcements
  • Canon announced two new cameras on Monday, details at dpreview: The S5 IS (8mp 1/2.5", 12x IS lens) and the SD850 IS (also known as IXUS 950), 8mp 1/2.5" CCD, 4x optical (35-140). Check the dpreview links for all the details... Face detection was highlighted in the press releases...
  • According to, the S5 IS will be available in early July for $500 (450 shots with 2500mah AAs) and the SD850 IS in early June for $400 (230 shots with LiIon)... dcresource by the way has posted new galleries for their upcoming reviews of the Fuji F40fd, Panasonic FZ8, Nikon D40x, and Sony W80. There is a problem with their Olympus E410 so expect delays in that review!

    Photography Etc
  • Thanks to the Finnish website for the link to my previous blog post on the 2006 global digital camera shipments. I think I learned a new finnish word today, "arvio" which means "review" :-)
  • Straight from the Canon's mouth: Chuck Westphall, a familiar name in the Canon dpreview forums, has Canon-related tech tips in The Digital Journalist.
  • And here's a Mother's Day Gift Idea, the Sony W55 pink camera bundle, with case and USB memory card reader included!

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