Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weekend Shutter Clicks and ...a TV review!

The high ISO feature in small-sensor cameras!

  • just posted an article on the high ISO feature found in small-sensor cameras. As you may recall some of them have ISO 3200 and more using tiny 1/2.5" or 1/1.8" sensors... The article is five (web)pages long and includes sample pictures and a summary/conclusions page!... Also forum discussion on the article. And another forum discussion on the high ISO myth

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Popular Science says the Sigma DP-1 will sell at $1000, according to this Other dpreview forum thread
  • The Marathon Man, photographic edition
  • What will happen to Pentax? a dpreview News forum user poll
  • I don't want to start any blamsphemous rumors, but this Olympus SLR dpreview forum user just did. The anticipated Olympus E3 or P1 (or whatever name is given), the rumor said (I repeat RUMOR), will have a 10mp sensor but it will be larger than 4/3rds because 4/3rds lenses have larger image circles... A spirited debate ensues. Again this is a rumor, rumor, rumor, rumor, rumor, rumor, rumor, rumor
  • A new Sigma SD14 four-page magazine review is vigorously debated
  • Side by side: This dpreview forum user is testing the Panasonic TZ3, FX01 and the Fuji F30 side by side
  • The planet Jupiter, tens of thousands of webcam pictures, and an amazing movie? Find out here!
  • The Amazon purchase of dpreview continues to be a hot topic
  • Selling an expensive camera on eBay? Be prepared for this!
  • The Lolita debate continues
  • Another dpreview forum user posts Canon 1D Mark III (3) high ISO tests
  • Walking alone with a shiny DSLR?
  • Help this dpreview forum user decide between the Sony T100 and the Canon SD750 (I forgot its Ixus and Ixy model numbers). Oh Canon (and others) why do you torture me by shifting the model numbers?
  • And to satisfy the millions of Law and Order fans reading this blog, here is a legal question/discussion

    TV Review: David Pogue's It's All Geek to me on digital cameras
  • On Friday May 18, 2007, the Science Channel's "It's All Geek to me" premiered a 30-minute episode devoted to digital cameras. It will re-air a few more times after the first broadcast. Check local listings for details!
  • If you missed it, it was entertaining and it will be repeating throughout the week on the Science channel. The show is hosted by David Pogue of a NYC newspaper. If his name is familiar, it's because he wrote a "megapixel myth" story that generated a lot of buzz in the forums a few weeks ago...
  • Don't expect anything advanced, but the show certainly has a comedy twist to it, and it was actually entertaining - including a scene where Pogue kept dropping/throwing an Olympus 770SW to the floor, and doing other silly (camera-related) things in public
  • He also showed scenes from his megapixel myth experiment of showing three giant prints and asking the public to identify which one had the msot megapixels (13mp, 8mp, 5mp).
  • Also featured were two big New York City photography shops. One of them was J&R World, I am not sure about the second one.
  • The show's official website is

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