Saturday, June 23, 2007

Is the Ricoh GX100 the new prosumer Messiah?

  • Is the Ricoh GX100 the new prosumer Messiah? Not necessarily because it is the best prosumer camera ever made, but it could be the camera that forces other manufacturers to compete with it and return to the prosumer market, a market that gave us such darlings as the Canon Pro 1, Olympus C8080, Panasonic LC1, Nikon 8400 and 8800, Sony F717, F828, Sony R1, Minolta A1, A2, A200, Samsung Pro 815, Canon G-series (G7 is different), Nikon 4500 and 5400, Kodak P880, etc.
  • Even though the Sigma DP1 has a bigger sensor, it will not be a mass-appeal camera, it does not have a zoom lens, it will cost a lot more, and no one really knows if/when it will be released (given Sigma's track record). That's why I think the Ricoh GX100 has the best chance of revitalizing this segment...
  • For the purpose of this post, prosumer is very loosely defined to be any advanced non-DSLR with some advanced features.
  • By the way, the use of the term "prosumer Messiah" is an homage to Frank Herbert's Dune. It is not a contemporary religious reference!

    Let's meet the Ricoh GX100
  • First an actual user blogging about their GX100at the mygx100 blog here at blogspot.
  • Official announcement (at dpreview), including detailed specifications
  • Official Ricoh website for the GX100. Brochure in PDF from Ricoh (5.2MB).
  • Lots of discussion on the Ricoh GX100 in the dpreview Ricoh Talk forum
  • PhotographyBlog has recently posted a review of the GX100. Discussion of the review in this Ricoh dpreview forum thread
  • Others reviewing the GX-100 are PhotoReview and german sites and List of all reviews available at
  • Also reviewed by print magazine What Digital Camera. Discussion of the review in the Ricoh dpreview forum
  • dpreview forum user Amin S has posted a comparison between the GX 100, the Canon G7 and the Leica D-Lux 2 (Panasonic LX-) in his blog. Discussion of his comparison in the dpreview forum
  • For those in the USA, the Ricoh is only available from Adorama either directly or through Amazon
  • Current price is $600 for the camera, and $170 for the removable external LCD viewfinder aptly named VF-1. They are also bundled together in the GX100 VF KIT for $700 (Prices and availability are as of the time of writing and can change at any time)

  • Conclusion? Too early to tell just yet! For one thing, we need more technical reviews of the camera to be published, hopefully including one from dpreview.
  • work in progress, more coming up!

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