Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kodak goes wild (six new cameras today!)

  • Six new camers from the good people at Kodak.
  • Story at dpreview with pictures and details from Kodak UK
  • Info from Kodak USA at IR, including specifications for four of them
  • So what exactly did Kodak do this time? First of all, they introduced a new line called the M-series, which is consistent (I guess) with Kodak's attempt to leave the low entry-level of the market that once sold millions (the C-series).
  • AS it is consistent with Kodak, the megapixel number and zoom ratio is embedded in the model number
  • All the M-series are using 1/2.5" sensors. The M-series is broken into two sub-segments, two with plastic bodies and two with metal bodies. The plastic ones are the M753 (7mp, 3x optical) and the M853 (8mp, 3x optical). The metal ones are of similar specs, the M873 and the M883. The M883 is the only one among the M-series with face detection
  • Kodak apparently thinks there is a market for a 10x zoom without image stabilization, perhaps seeing that Fuji did the same thing with the S700 (aka S5700). This is where the ZD710 (7mp 1/2.5", 10x optical, 38-380mm eq) comes in. Note the "D" in the model name which probably indicates a budget version perhaps of the Z-series? (As if!)... AA battery fans will be thrilled to find out it is using AA batteries!
  • And so does the new Z1275, two AA batteries as well. This is not really a long zoom, it features a 5x optical (you may recall a similar lens in the Z885 and C875). It's not wide, but at least it starts at 35mm instead of 38mm that other similar cameras do. This uses (gasp?) a 12mp 1/1.72" sensor. The only one fo the six new Kodaks with a sensor larger than 1/2.5"
  • Some of these cameras will be available in fashionably delicious colors.

    Price and Availability Recap
  • M753 (June, $150)
  • M853 (August, $180)
  • M873 (August, $200)
  • M883 (Sept, $230) - I guess it takes longer to put face detection in? :-)
  • ZD710 (August, $250)
  • Z1275 (August, $250)

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