Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The magic 6mp Fuji SuperCCD sensor (updated)

You may have heard of the "magic" Fuji sensor. Okay, it is not magic, but it has earned that reputation because it has a low noise advantage when compared to sensors of similar size made by other manufacturers. Specifically the sensor (and accompanying image engine) with the most critical acclaim is the 6mp 1/1.7" SuperCCD of Fuji.

The Fuji cameras using this sensor are:

  • Fuji S6000fd with a 28-300mm equivalent lens. Also known as S6500fd in some markets. dpreview review. List of all reviews
  • Fuji F30. F30 dpreview review. List of all reviews
  • Fuji F31fd. F31fd dpreview review. List of all reviews
  • Fuji F20, a more entry-level version. List of all reviews.

    More recognition for these cameras
    The Online Photographer blog has posted a digicam appreciation post singing the praises of these Fuji cameras (along with *gasp* the F50fd). Post by Micah Marty of TrustImage.org

    6mpixel.org coverage
    The website 6mpixel.org is attempting to educate photographers and consumers alike that more megapixels is not necessarily better. They provide more details and examples. 6mpixel is also available in the original version in German.

    Are they available on eBay?
    These can also be found on eBay, depending of course on when and where you look. Here are some pre-filled eBay queries for the models mentioned above:
  • Fuji F31fd
  • Fuji F30
  • Fuji F20
  • Fuji S6000fd

    Refurbished from FujifilmMall?
    As these cameras get harder and harder to find, another place to look for them is directly from Fuji, offered as refurbished at the FujiMall. As of right now (12/25/07 it says that the F31fd is out of stock and "coming soon". I contacted Fuji to find out how soon is soon last week, but have yet to hear from them. Check the FujiMall below to see if any of them are in stock:

    Fujifilm Certified Refurbished Digital Cameras.

    What should the future hold for these?
    My wishful thinking on what should Fuji do (revive the 6mp sensor) can be found in the long-winded PMA 2008 prosumer speculation, and in many other places in this blog.

    To summarize for those reading this for the first time (this is wishful thinking on my part):
  • Offer new camera models using the 6mp "magic" Super CCD sensor
  • If they want to limit costs, just take the F31fd, add the dual xD/SD drive and re-release it as a F32fd or something like that
  • Or take the F50fd body, put in the 6mp "magic" sensor and re-issue it as an F35fd or something like that
  • Take the E900 body, put the 6mp "magic" sensor in, and re-issue as E600.
  • Take the S6000fd, add the xD/SD drive and re-release as S6100fd
  • Take the S6000fd as above and include some form of image stabilization as well
  • If Fuji does not want to make any more, then allow other companies to use it!
  • With Sony going with a 6mp 1/1.8" sensor (the 60fps one), Fuji should not be shy about releasing a 6mp camera that has a noise advantage over the competition! Especially one that is documented!

    What will Fuji probably do?
    Probably nothing. Fuji, prove me wrong!

    How about the 8mp SuperCCD sensor?
    Very good question, we had a special round-up of the Fuji F40fd and F45fd, in the supernatural superserious sweet delirious Fuji F45fd post. If you are not familiar with the new REM album, you may think we've gone totally crazy :) But that is not true, we are only four thirds crazy ;-)


    Liza said...

    Hello there!

    I was researching whether or not to keep the Fujifilm J10 I just bought to replace my Fujifilm Z5. The Z5 uses a 6.3 Mega Super CCD. They seem to be available for around $100 USD or less.


    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks for the update!

    The benefits of the SuperCCD sensors seem to scale upwards with sensor size, and the "SuperCCD magic" seems to start with the 1/1.7" to 1/1.6" size.

    Liza said...

    Ahhhh - that does make sense. There's an F10 on Ebay for around the same price I paid for the J10, perhaps I'll chase after that :)

    I look forward to following your blog - thanks for the response!


    1001 noisy cameras said...

    You are welcome! Thanks for reading!

    Yeah, the F10, F11, F30, F31fd series continues to have a loyal following!