Thursday, June 21, 2007

New from HP, nine new camera burst mode

Forgotten for a good reason (lack of exciting new models), HP goes into burst mode today with nine new cameras. Let me try to quickly sort them out for you:

  • The biggest zoom belongs to the HP Mz67, 8mp, 6x optical, AA, and 2.5" LCD, $200, August
  • Thge biggest LCD belongs to the HP R937, 3.6" touchscreen LCD, 8mp, 3x optical and of course the all important slimming feature ;-) $300 in August.
  • The HP E337 (5mp, fixed lens) will be out in July for just $79. One way to grab market share :-0)
  • The rest will be released in August.
  • HP joins the color body trend with the multi-color HP R742 (7mp, 3x optical).
  • HP R847, 8mp, 3x optical, 3" LCD, LiIon, $230, August
  • HP M737, 8mp, 3x optical, 2.5" LCD, AA, $180, August
  • HP M637, 7mp, 3x optical, 2.4" LCD, AA, $150, August
  • HP M547, 6mp, 3x optical, 2.4" LCD, AA, $110, August
  • HP M447, 5mp, 3x optical, 2.4" LCD, AA, $100, August
  • Sadly even HP's own press release does not contain info on their own models, however their digital camera specific page does contain links to PDF files (!) with the camera specs. Even the PDF files contain very basic information, for example the focal length is not even mentioned. Sad. It is a rather sad presentation by their marketing department (and I'm trying to be nice here).

    Details at dpreview News forum, Electronista, IR, CNNet's Crave blog, Official HP Press Release, Official HP PDF files for each camera model, and at dpreview

    My Early Opinion: HP continues its recent trend of basic AA-based cameras (eg M-series) and LiIon-based bijou (eg R-series). Two cameras seem to stand out from thre rest, the R937 because of the 3.6" LCD, and the Mz67 because of the 6x optical zoom lens. But neither one is a return to HP's mid-range days of the 8x optical zooms (when not many companies had big optical zoom cameras) and the days of prosumers done in conjunction with Pentax.

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