Wednesday, June 6, 2007

News from Japan

  • Latest news from Japan according to! You can use websites such as babelfish for automated computer translation to english. Babelfish translation of to english
  • Panasonic introduces a new TZ3 color, a version of brown, at a production level of 10,000 per month, 45K Yen, coming out on June 15. The model number for this is TZ3-T.
  • Panasonic Japan also introduced the FS2 which looks very very very similar to the FX-series camera FX12. It will be available in three colors (silver, pink, black) at 30,000 per month with a June 15 release. This is a 7mp, 3x optical, MegaOIS, 2.5" LCD, 350 CIPA LiIon. (The FS1 in Japan was the equilavalent of the FX10)
  • Meanwhile Fuji officially announced the A900 (1/1.6" 9mp sensor, 4x optical) in Japan, for a June 23rd sale.
  • Olympus will make available the E-300 in a kit with the new 14-42 f3.5-5.6 lens.

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