Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nikon rumors! Nikon rumors!

  • (in spanish) has rumors of up to three new Nikon DSLRs and 15 new lenses. Computer-translation of this to english here
  • Elaborate discussion of this in this thread of the Nikon dpreview DSLR forum. Human translation to english in this post
  • One of the new DSLRs might be (35mm) full-frame, while there is some mumbling of the 15 lenses being related to something new mount-wise. Another DSLR might come in between the D80 and D200. This according to the article (en espagnol). Others claim one DSLR would be between the D200 and the big D-series cameras. Others claim a D3X and D3H are coming up. Some think a 35mm full-frame around the D200.
  • Obviously, only time will tell, but it's fun to guess and speculate and such...

    Books Ideas! These are not rumors, but actual books :) They are just ideas, not recommendations. (pictures are links to amazon book details page)

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