Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pentax returns to silly names with the new Pentax K100D Super

  • Check the official press release at dpreview from Pentax UK, announcing the new Pentax K100D Super. Yes Super is part of the name. While it explains that the camera has added functionality, the naming is really silly and juveline. That of course should not take anything away from this camera, as it adds SDM (super sonic drive motor, to compete with USM of Canon, SWM of Nikon, SWD of Olympus), and a dust bunnies removal system borrowed from the K10D.
  • Announcement from Pentax Japan computer-translated to english
  • Production Output:: 15,000 per month, according to the above page
  • Price and Availability in Japan: The K100D Super will be available July 12, for 75,000 yen according to (link is computer-translated to english by babelfish).
  • Price and Availability for the USA: Not known yet. Silly marketing people should know that this must be included in product announcements. This is Marketing 101!
  • Update: Pentax Imaging includes prices and availability for the US market: Will ship in August 2007, the K100D Super body only is $520, with 18-55 kit lens $600, and the new flash AF200FG for $150.
  • The Pentax USA press release is posted at IR
  • more on this later

    Let's not forget the new flash!
  • Also new the AF-200FG flash, which is rather a compact P-TTL flash (GN20), taking 4 AA batteries. Weighs 7oz without batteries, but good luck operating it without batteries :-)
  • In Japanm the flash will sell at 18,900 yen, and start selling in the next few days according to (link is computer-translated to english by babelfish).
  • Pentax Japan announcement (computer-translated to english by babelfish)
  • Production output: 4000 per month according to the above url

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