Sunday, June 10, 2007

Photography Soup

Photography Soup - as the name suggests a bit of everything

  • A website specializing on lost and found pictures, going as back as 1939. dpreview forum discussion of this, and direct link
  • Ritz/Wolf Camera goes blogging about cameras only
  • The memory effect of rechargeable NiMH and NiCd at, fact or fiction?. dpreview forum discussion on this here
  • A camera for grand-ma (dpreview forum)
  • A classic troll post
  • A 100+ post on Thom Hogan's take on digital cameras. (dpreview open talk discussion forum)
  • A photo-enthusiast wants to know how to capitalize on the photo hobby. (dpreview forum discussion)
  • Big noses ruin portrait?. I kid you not, this is an actual forum discussion!
  • And another "Goodbye forum" post
  • And for those who like weekly photography posts, here is the Sunday Bird
  • This thread talks about the ethics of shooting (pictures). Also in the dpreview forums.
  • Camera deals blog for shopaholics anonymous.

    The Attack of the Silver Clones
  • New cameras from BenQ, the T700 and the X725. The T700 is a bijou ultra-compact with a 3" touchscreen LCD and the obligatory 7mp sensor and Pentax lens (sounds familiar?)... The X725 on the other hand boldy goes where all the other clones have gone before, with 7mp, and a 3x Pentax sliding lens... Not to be outdone, BenQ came up with its own stabilization term, the SSF (Super Shake Free). No, that's not the name of a fat-free super-sized milk shake from your favorite diner... Whoever came up with the name was confused as Super refers to the shake, and free refers to the shake, but [Super Shake Free] makes no sense at all. But then again, who am I to criticize? :-)
  • Not to be outdone DXG introduces its own 7mp, 3x optical camera, the sexy model 711... Sounds like the perfect name for a camera sold exclusive at 7-11 stores, but they didn't listen to me :-)

    The Big Tease
  • Olympus teases the world with a P1 "leakage" on its own website. More details at PhotographyBlog, Olympus Europe, and of course the Olympus DSLR dpreview forum. Some threads of interest in this topic here, and here
  • Speaking of which, here is the obligatory sky is falling thread.
  • And speaking of 4/3rds, here is another thread of interest. Is the 4/3rds DOF a macro advantage?
  • And some first impressions on the Olympus E510 IS by dpreview forum user Bobby J.

    Reviews of Interest
  • dcresource has received a replacement Olympus E410 that does not have the problems of the previous unit. Jeff Keller also posted new galleries for the upcoming reviews of the Canon S5 IS, Fuji S700 (aka S5700) and Samsung L74 wide (starts at 28mm)
  • Mike Johnston, the online Sunday morning photographer (ha!) posted a compact blog review of the popular Pentax K100D. This review was originally published in the Black and White Photography magazine issue #65... Johnston also refers us to a longer review by RiceHigh
  • PhotographyBlog takes a look at the good on-paper but read the reviews first Casio EX-V7. Fans of the Panasonic TZ3 should read the conclusion of this review, it will please them :-)
  • Wondering about the magic of Fuji when the magic sensor goes to 8mp? Here are two reviews of the Fuji F40fd, at CNET and Trusted Reviews.
  • The recently re-imaging Popular Photography magazine reviews the promising Nikon Coolpix P5000.
  • IR reviews the Kodak V803, Kodak's attempt to shift away from the basic C-series, and more into the bottom of the mid-range with a hybrid budget/bijou camera.
  • A list of reviews post this week can be found at dcviews
  • Okay enough with the cameras, how about a lens review? Here is CameraLabs doing the Leica 14-50 MegaOIS (Four Thirds lens)

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