Monday, June 11, 2007

Photography Soup

  • Photography Soup is a new segment for daily posts that cover a variety of topics from the world of photography and beyond. As the same suggests, anything goes :-)
  • Sensors: If you are interested in the latest developments in the world of imaging sensors, be sure to visit and bookmark the Image Sensors World blog. Their latest posts include news on a liquid lens company, a new wafer-level camera technology, a new 2mp 1/4" CMOS sensor from Sharp, details on the upcoming Image Sensor Workshop and a lot more... The biggest story is Sony' decision to expand production capacity for image sensors for digital photography. Highly recommended blog!
  • Numbers: dpreview forum user tweedle has posted a thread on digital camera sales numbers in Germany and the world in general. Link here. More on this later after I digest the numbers and compare with previous years and such.
  • A number of people are raving about the photography in the Travel section of the New York Times.
  • A picture with a story. forum discussion of that. Warning: contains picture of a recently killed goose. Do not click if this makes you uncomfortable. You have been warned!

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