Friday, June 15, 2007

Photography Soup

Reviews of Interest (RoI)

  • dpreview has just posted the highly anticipated review of the Olympus E410. 28 exciting review pages for us to read. Review reaction in the Olympus DSLR dpreview forum here and here
  • dcresource reviews the Panasonic FZ8. As always I won't be spoiling the findings of a review.

  • Kodak announces new high sensitivity image sensor technology (dpreview story). AP story. Also a story at EE Times by Junko Yoshida.
  • dpreview forum discussions of this story here and here
  • Wall to wall coverage of the new Kodak Color Filter technology can be found at Image Sensors World
  • Fans of the Pentax K10D will be thrilled to find out there is a commemorative Grand Prix edition coming up.

  • If you like numbers, and you know who you are, this is a triple feature for you as it shows snapshots of best selling cameras at Amazon, J&R and Amazon UK. Please keep in mind these are just snapshots and conclusions should only be made after long-term observation of these. Categories of interest are DSLRs, Long Zooms, Prosumers, and overall top sellers. The Charts Triple Feature. Again, let me re-iterate these are just snapshots, so please do not jump to conclusions without first observing these type of data for a long period of time!

    Software Segment
  • An open-source depth of field calculator, a work in progress.

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • An image stabilization shootout of sorts. dpreview forum discussion. Direct link at NeoCamera. They feature the Pentax K10D, Minolta A2, Panasonic FX30 and Sony H9.
  • The age old debate, pornography vs art
  • Is the Canon 40D coming out in August?
  • Cliche' photographic themes. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  • Best combo $1000 can buy? What do you think?
  • Whatever happened to the Zeiss Ikon Digital?
  • What would you chose? Pentax K10D or Nikon D80?
  • Rumors of a Nikon 35mm full frame DSLR in this thread, and the ensuing discussion.
  • A new and improved Sony H9?
  • Discussions of the Panasonic FZ8 review here
  • Do you use lens hoods?
  • Faint praise of the highly debate Sigma SD14
  • Noise testing thread. Canon 5D vs the Big DCanon 1D Mark III
  • Are 3rd party lenses good enough?.
  • Pentax has a soul?
  • In case you were wandering, these are the most popular/populous forums on dpreview

  • Shoppaholics only! Get a free "Eneloopy" Battery Tester with mail-in rebate if you purchase a GE/Sanyo Eneloop Battery Charging Kit with 2,000 mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries (4-Pack) from Amazon. The mail-in rebate is available as a PDF file.
  • Also, the Panasonic LX2K at $344 at Amazon.

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