Monday, June 18, 2007

Photography Soup

Overheard in the dpreview forums

  • The buzz following the publication of the Olympus E410 review by Phil Askey at dpreview continues, especially in the Olympus dpreview SLR forum. Although this is a bit early, I am leaning towards labelling the E410 the defining camera of 4/3rds. As to the technical reasons why, please read Phil's 28-page review. The E-410 is the first camera that delivers on all the promises and premises of 4/3rds, thus me calling it the "defining camera of".
  • If you like to see other people's pictures, check the Weekly Wildlife thread and the weekly closeup thread, and the Sunday Flower.
  • We all know about the power of love, but how about the power of raw?
  • Another Leica M8 discussion
  • Should you convert your RAW files to DNG to future proof them?
  • A rather strange patent in a master of the obvious kind of way.
  • And how about the rumored upcoming Olympus E3?
  • A compilation of various book recommendation threads on dpreview
  • Thom Hogan's ultimate compact camera challenge continues to be a hot topic

  • New firmware for the Leica Digilux 3 DSLR (related to the Panasonic L1) according to dpreview.
  • Just released, a book for the budget concious, Low Budget Shooting: Do It Yourself Solutions to Professional Photo Gear [ILLUSTRATED] (Hardcover) by Cyrill Harnischmacher. The book itself is budget priced at around $14

  • Pre-Order Mania segment. The Panasonic FX100 (black finish, aka FX100K) is available for pre-order at $400. This is the first FX-series from Panasonic to feature a bigger sensor of 1/1.7", however, it does pack 12 megapixels.

    Reviews of Interest (RoI)
  • dcresource reviews the Fuji S700 (aka S5700), while they promise to review the Sony H9 next week. A 2nd opinion on the S700 at CNET
  • The Canon A560 gets reviewed by IR as well as the Olympus Stylus 730 (water resistant camera)
  • Nikon P5000 at Let's Go

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