Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Photography Soup

Overheard in the dpreview forums

  • A great discussion following up on Thom Hogan's post on the ultimate compact camera challenge in the dpreview Open Talk forum. Cameras included in the discussion: Ricoh GX100, Nikon P5000 and Panasonic LX2.
  • A fake post on a full-frame Nikon D3X? for attention grabbing purposes... Regardless, don't jump off the bandwagon yet!
  • Discussion of RG's article on Canon 1D Mark III auto focus. More dramatic: Giving up my two Mark IIIs.
  • A Sigma SD14 test. Foveon is always a hot topic.
  • And some picture threads: Weekly Macro, Panasonic TZ3 macro, and a retouching thread
  • Girl Power! 51% of DSLR users are female, according to a PMA survey!

    Photography, Etc
  • dpreview reports that Fuji will make their latest Big Job model available for the UK market. Also at PhotographyBlog.
  • Image Sensors World talks about a article discussing the history and design of various color filter arrays. This as a follow-up to the recent Kodak development notice on their new color filter technology
  • Speaking of the Kodak sensor, TheOnlinePhotographer (which by the way has a new home at typepad), has an interview with a Kodak researcher, John Hamilton, PhD

    Reviews of Interest (RoI)
  • And let's start with a lens a for a change. The big budget zoom lenses have been popular before, so it was not a big shock when Tamron decided to super-zoom it even more, going 18-250. puts it under the microscope
  • Photography Blog reviews the under-rated Ricoh GX100. Another review at PhotoReview
  • Meanwhile, the Sony H9 got another review, this one a one-page review by CNET. (CNET's website is a bit too heavy on multimedia)
  • Possibly Panasonic's first blockbuster camera, the TZ3 gets reviewed by Steve (Steve's Digicams)

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