Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photography Soup

Cat Cam! (really cool idea!)

  • Yes, a cat cam! No, not a camera with a camera, but a camera on a cat. Live through the eyes of a cat (sort of). Great idea :-)
  • dpreview forum discussion of this
  • Main page of the Cat Cam
  • A day in the life of a cat
  • Crave blog feature on this story

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • The fallout from the Sigma SD14 Pop Photo review has spilled over in this Sigma SLR Talk dpreview forum thread. Another thread questions the validity of Pop Photo's tests
  • Yet another thread on the Olympus E1 replacement. A combination of rumors, myth, wishful thinking, perhaps even actual factual information, and of course joking. Some call it P-1 (P1) others call it E-3 (E3). Oh Olympus, spare us the agony, just press release it already :-) has a post referring to the ongoing teaser at an Olympus website.
  • Will the real pros please stand up?
  • This forum user found the name Big Job of the Fuji Big Job HD-3W rather amusing.
  • How about some images from an Olympus lens?
  • This user is making a case for the Olympus E510
  • Congratulations to this brand new grand-dad!
  • Which wide-angle Nikon mount lens do you have?
  • What do you think of the Pentax FA 28-105mm?
  • A rugged yet tiny laptop, perhaps ideal for photographers who are always running out and about or want to carry the minimum weight on them during their adventures.
  • Looking for an advanced non-DSLR?
  • Another issue on copyright and usage of someone's picture for commercial purposes
  • Help this forum user decide between the Kodak P880, the Canon Pro 1, the Fuji S6500fd (aka S6000fd) and the Olympus C8080. Cameras from different era, but an interesting choice it is indeed!

  • This new segment will feature topics that are technology related one way or another.
  • CNet recommends four cameras under $200.
  • While I don't object to their recommendations, a lot of cameras have now fallen under $200, so I would include a few more in the list if I was them, which I am not, which is probably good for them ;-)

    Book Segment
    A versatile all-around book on photography is the New Manual of Photography by John Hedgecoe. A combination of text and pictures makes this hardcover good for beginnners and a quick reference or refresher for more advanced users... John Hedgecoe is one of the best writers on photography with a number of critically acclaimed titles. Having said all that, nobody's perfect and no book is perfect. Apart from the ones I am planning to write ;-)

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