Monday, June 25, 2007

Overheard in the dpreview forums

  • A dpreview forum user tells us about his experience with the Samsung NV7
  • How about some photography podcasts?
  • Are there any auto focus issues with the Canon 1D Mark III? Three hot threads are talking about this here and here and here, and here.
  • How fast is the Fuji S5 Pro?
  • Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?
  • Leica is making money!
  • More discussions on the Sigma SD14 and Foveon
  • How about some threads full of pictures and no technobabble? Here is the Sunday Bird, the Sunday Flower, A Pic a Weekend, wdysopptw June 22-24, Weekend Closeup, and some wildlife
  • More flickr controversy
  • A forum user goes to a Norah Jones Concert. Note the link has 10+ pictures embedded in it for those with a busy internet connection.
  • Walmart refusing to make photo prints because?
  • Gay weddings a popular topic in the Pro forum
  • More on sensors, with Foveon and the new Kodak technology discussed
  • Joe remembers Mike Kirk of Kirk Enterprises

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