Saturday, June 30, 2007

Photography Soup

  • The Supreme Court muddies the waters with a 5-4 ruling that allows manufacturers to fix product prices. long discussion in the dpreview forums.
  • More discussion on the rumors of the Olympus E-P1 in the Olympus SLR Talk forum. More details in the post below as well.
  • More cat pictures (dpreview forums)
  • How do you define an artist? (dpreview Open Talk thread)
  • Discussion of the review of the 22mp Mamiya ZD digital back by PhotoCamel
  • Sensor related news at Image Sensors World including Cypress, InPhase, OmniVision, Scalado Collaborate, Micron, and NEC.
  • Shopaholics and bargain hunters this is just for you!

  • Pre-Order News. The Pentax K100D Super (I know, a silly name) is already available for pre-order at $520 body only and $600 with the 18-55 kit lens. Estimated to ship by September 1, 2007. The initial production output for these according to Pentax Japan is 15,000 units per month. This DSLR will go on sale in Japan in early July... Also on pre-order is the new flash, the AF-200FG at $150. According to Pentax Japan, the monthly production output is 4,000 units per month and will sell along with the K100D Super in Japan.

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