Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vote and debate: Top Photography Books!


Glennsp said...

This list isn't worth the pixels it is taking up.
Where are the books by Bruce Fraser, Martin Evening, Jeff Schewe, Scott Kelby and the like.
Also people are adding books that are nothing to do with photography.
I am all for a bit of light hearted debate about the merits of different authors and their books, but at least keep on subject.

1001 noisy cameras said...

This is an issue with the Web 2.0 interactive lists. They are designed to be open and flexible, but this has the side-effect of allowing people to post anything they want. If the person who created the list is not actively managing it, off topic content sneaks it.

I do not have any editorial control over this particular list (I did not create it), but for the ones I created, the Best DSLR and Best fixed lens Prosumer , I try to "prune" all the irrelevant items.