Friday, July 20, 2007

Batteries with staying power: Sanyo Eneloops!

These are "green" batteries! Unlike the traditional NiMHs that you have to recharge/top-up even if you haven't used, Eneloops are new rechargeable NiMH batteries from Sanyo that retain almost all of their charge over a long period of time (low rate of current discharge). This is a significant advantage over current and previous rechargeable NiMH batteries that lost their charge a lot faster than Li-Ion batteries.

  • All Sanyo Eneloops at Amazon
  • GE/Sanyo Charger with 4-pack of AA Eneloop NiMH, $25
  • Compact charger + 2-pack AA Eneloop NiMH for $20
  • 8pk AA Eneloop NiMH for $20 (down from $25).
  • 4pk AA Eneloop NiMH for $13.
  • 4pk AAA NiMH for $13

    Claims made by GE/Sanyo of energy efficiency of rechargeable Eneloops AA NiMH compared to traditional rechargeable AA NiMHs:

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