Monday, July 9, 2007

Fauxtokina 2007: Pentax speculation and predictions

Pentax DSLRs

  • 645. The Hoya merger has complicated things. Hopefully something more definite will be announced one way or the other.
  • Two DSLRs are expected according to Benjamin K and other sources
  • Factors to consider: Samsung, new sensors, K1000 urban legends

  • The K10D was announced Sept 2006, K100D/K110D in May 2006, while the *ist DL2 (you thought you wouldn't see that name again?) in Jan 2006. the *ist DS2 in Aug 2005, *istDL in June 2005, the *istDS in Sept 2004, and the original *ist D in Febr 2003.

  • A gift from Samsung perhaps (read the Samsung DSLR section for an explanation) was the Pentax K100D Super. Does the Super count as one of the two models to expect? It is a new model, but it's not really a new camera, it's the K100D with some updates. One obvious expectation is a 10 megapixel version of the K100D Super.
  • What else? Will we see a flagship from Samsung? Something above the K10D? Or perhaps a K10D Super as well? And where will the sensors come from? Sony must have something to use for their upcoming mid-range and flagship, but will they share with Pentax? How about Kodak sensors? They are already co-operating on the 645D. How about Samsung? While there are plenty of rumors out there, there is no concensus just yet. So this will be interesting to see!
  • more coming soon

    Pentax Non-DSLRs
  • After many years of soul-searching Pentax has managed to simplify their line-up to probably the cleanest line-up among all major manufacturers.
  • Pattern: Pentax, like Casio is not shy about doing shorter nine or even six-month cycles with cascading models. The new W-, T-, A-, E- and M- series have shown this pattern since their inception. So this should be fairly easy to predict
  • W-series: This is the most unique of the Pentaxes with the waterproof body. Expect an update in August/Fall 2007.
  • A-series: Sensor-shift stabilization made the A-series a bit unique at the start, now it's more common. Expect an update in August/Fall 2007.
  • T-series: The touchscreen is what makes it different. Expect an update in August/Fall 2007.
  • M-series: Transformed from AA to LiIon. A standard P&S every respectable is expected to have in their lineup. Expect an update in August/Fall 2007.
  • E-series: The entry-level camera. Expect an update in August/Fall 2007.
  • S-series: Perhaps an homage to their classic S-series that simply fell behind and got overrun by most other makers. Pentax did release the S7 in July 2006, so a summer refresher is reasonable to expect
  • Will these retired series be revitalized? SVi (May 2005), MX4 (10x zoom, Photokina 2004), X (Photokina 2004), 750Z (Photokina 2004). More likely scenario: None of these get refreshed.

    What to expect from Pentax in the rest of 2007? (pure speculation!)
  • 10 megapixel version of the K100D Super
  • The switch from a 7mp to an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor and from 10mp to 12mp 1/1.x will probably define the models below:
  • Predicted names of speculated models: W40, A40, T40, M40, E40, S8
  • Prediction: The 645D will be eventually given the green light despite rumors of its demise


    Rob said...

    Has anyone heard anything about a release of the W40? As Pentax always announces the new models January to February and July to August, I am a bit disappointed that I have not heard anything. Particularly because the E40 and M40 have been released over a month ago. I am planning a trip to the Bahamas in a couple months and would love to use it as an excuse to buy a shiny, new, waterproof camera.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Hi Rob, thanks for your comment.

    I haven't heard anything specific about the W40, but I am fairly certain it will be announced sometime in 2007. Pentax has streamlined its line-up after many years of soul-searching, and the W-series is probably their most successful (or at least most unique) non-DSLR model. So they should release one, probably along with an A40 and a T40.

    Unless of course they are changing their strategy, in which cases all my speculations are thrown out the window :)

    Usually most announcements come in before November, but we've had a few November surprises in the past.

    Pentax has at least one more announcement to make (DSLRs/lenses), so may be they will be announcing them all together or within days of each other.

    But I do not know whether it will be announced and released in time for your trip.