Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flying under the radar: Fuji A900 (and A820)

  • This new segment, Flying under the radar will be spotlighting some cameras that dont' get as much exposure and fall through the cracks or fly under the radar. In today's edition we will be looking at the Fuji A900. This camera has not been reviewed by one fo the top 10 photography sites yet. Perhaps forgotten because of the xD card thing, these new cameras are actually using a dual xD/SD slot, so they are not memory-card-isolated from the majority of digital cameras.
  • So why should this camera be special? Because it uses a 9mp 1/1.6" sensor, similar size sensors found in the Fuji S9000, S9100, IS-1 and E900. While not as good with regards to noise as the 6mp magic sensor Fujis, it still has an advantage of the traditional sensor cameras with regards to noise.
  • Obviously these are part of the entry-level line-up of Fuji, the A-series, so do not expect them to perform or have features like prosumers or even mid-range cameras in the $300-$400 range.
  • Press release from the announcement at dpreview
  • Reviews: None
  • The camera was announced together with another 1/1.6" sensor A-series camera, the A820, which features an 8mp sensor, also found in the F40fd (and F45fd).

    PS>Fixed link for the "6mp Fuji magic sensor" above. I had forgotten to put the link before.


    Anonymous said...

    Here in the UK, the A820 is often more money than the now heavily discounted F31fd. Under what possible circumstances would a photographer choose the A820? All hail, magic sensor!

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    This is interesting! I was not aware of that! I guess the marketing people are pricing cameras based on megapixels and how new they are, instead of their photographic merits. But the ones who want to buy the F31fd I'm sure are thrilled with this pricing scheme!

    In US retailers the F31fd usually costs about 50% more than the A820 (around $150)