Monday, July 23, 2007

Leaked: Panasonic FZ18 (8mp, 18x optical, RAW, MegaOIS, 28-500), FX55 and FX33


  • While there has not yet been an official press release, having them appear on the official Panasonic website is as good of a leak as any! Enjoy!

    Panasonic FZ18
  • Leaked:
    Panasonic FZ18 (8mp, 18x optical 28-504mm, f2.8-4.2 to f8, MegaOIS), on Panasonic's own website.
  • Panasonic forum discovery of this. More forum discussion here and here. And even more at the Panasonic Talk forum
  • Other specs of interest: PSAM, 400 CIPA, face detection, RAW, RAW+JPEG
  • Available in black as FZ18K and silver as FZ18S (typical Panasonic naming scheme)
  • Since this camera offers RAW, it is by default a RAWsumer

    Panasonic FX55 and FX33
  • If you go up to Panasonic's main digital camera page you will also find the FX55 and the FX33. These cameras use an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, face detection, a 3.6x optical starting at 28mm and the usual assortments of the Panasonic FX-series, being sequential updates to the FX50 and FX30 respectively.
  • The FX55 will be available in black aka FX55K, silver aka FX55S, pink aka FX55P in the USA market. The FX55 has a 3" LCD and a 280 CIPA LiIon battery
  • The FX33 will be available in black aka FX33K, silver aka FX33S, blue aka FX33A in the USA market. The FX33 is a more budget version of the above, with a 2.5" LCD and a 280 CIPA battery as well.

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