Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New cameras from Casio and Samsung, new gadget from Canon (updated)

Casio and Samsung announced new cameras today! Here is the recap as well as an evaluation of my predictions:


  • dpreview introduces two new Casio cameras, the Exilim EX-S880 and the EX-Z77. As you may recall Casio added an "eBay" mode a few models ago, so now they jump on another internet trend, YouTube. They created a YouTube-optimized video mode. As Phil points out, Casio's video mode is mpeg4 H264 which certainly helps in making compact movies (compared to certain other manufacturers).
  • Meet the EX-S880:. A follow-up to their ceramic lens line-up, the S880 features an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 2.8" LCD (Casio likes bigger LCDs than the competition, remember this is a tiny camera), face detection, Exilim Engine 2.0. Price: $300 in August, in red and black
  • Meet the EX-Z77:. A 7mp 1/2.5" 3x optical, 2.6" LCD, the Zxx is in the 3rd tier of Casio Z-series cameras. Also has the YouTube feature, face detection, Exilim Engine 2.0. Price: $230 in August, pink, black, silver and blue.
  • These cameras have not been announced in Japan (yet). Which usually means another Casio announcement is coming up in the near future.
  • Detailed specs on the Casios at IR
  • My predictions and speculation on Casio in my Casio-specific Fauxtokina 2007 speculation post
  • Prediction Score: I predicted the EX-S880 but not the exact model #. I did not predict the EX-Z77. I was expecting an 8mp version of the Z700 instead. The Z77 probably came to be because of the YouTube feature, which clearly I had no way of predicting :-)

  • dpreview introduces three new Samsung cameras all featuring face recognition, but no optical or sensor-shift image stabilization. Price ranges from 120 to 180 UK pounds.
  • Meet the L83T: The L83T is an 1/2.5" 8mp, 3x, 2.5" LCD camera. This is different from all the other L-series cameras in that it is styled in a cross between the i-Series and other competitors cameras with a lens on the upper-right corner, inside the camera body, like a Love Boat window ;-)
  • Meet the L830: A traditional L-series P&S, 8mp 1/2.5", 2.5" LCD, obligatory face detection.
  • Meet the L730: A traditional L-series P&S, 7mp 1/2.5", 2.5" LCD, obligatory face detection. They continue the tradition of the basic LiIon P&S of the L700 and L600.
  • The cameras are not listed on Samsung UK's website yet
  • USA price and availability: The L83T ships in mid-August for $280, while the L830 ships in September for $230 according to IR. The L730 has not been announced for the USA market.

  • My predictions and speculation on Samsung in my Samsung-specific Fauxtokina 2007 speculation post
  • Prediction Score: I predicted Samsung going to 8mp 1/2.5" and thus releasign some cameras out of their cycle (CES to PMA). I predicted the L83 model name, but not the body design (I was expecting a similar camera to the L73). I predicted the L830 but not the model name (L800). I did not see the L730 coming since the L700 was introduced earlier in 2007.

    New gadget from Canon (in Japan)
    Canon in Japan has announced a 30gb portable media storage gadget (computer-translation to english). The device, the M80, has an 80gb hard disk drive, and will be sold in Japan in late July. M80's product page (computer translated to english). This is not a camera! but it shared the same battery as the 30D and 5D (wow?). It also has a 3.7" LCD at VGA resolution (640x480), SD and CF slots, reads JPEG, TIFF and Canon RAW, etc, etc, etc. Price estimated at 8000 yen.

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