Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Ricoh RR750 and new Polaroid in Japan

  • A brand new Ricoh camera has been introduced quietly, the RR750.
  • Links: dpreview Ricoh Talk discussion. Also the press release
  • Meet the Ricoh RR750: It is your typical 7mp, 3x optical, 2.5" LCD, 30fps QVGA, 6cm macro, AA, SD/MMC entry-level type of camera. It follows up on the Ricoh RR730. If it looks familiar, it's probably because it comes from one of the cut/paste OEMs. These are the market sharing grabbers after all that the majority of consumers are buying. No price or availability information is available just yet.

  • Speaking of cut/paste cameras, the Polaroid i533 has been officially announced in Japan. Link is via, computer-translated to english. The i533 is a 5mp 1/2.5", 3x optical, 2.5" LCD, 15 scenes, AA, SD/MMC, etc.

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