Saturday, July 21, 2007

News from Japan: On sale soon two Zeiss lenses for Pentax, two Sigma flashes and one lens

  • The good people at (link is computer-translated to english) always keep us up to date on the latest happenings in the Japanese market.
  • Actual sale dates and prices have been announced for the Carl Zeiss lenses for the Pentax K mount! These lenses have "ZK" in their name to indicate the marriage of Zeiss and K-mount! The Planar T* 50mm f1.4 ZK goes on sale July 31st at around 60,000 yen, and the Planar T* 85mm f1.4 ZK goes on sale in August for over 110,000 yen. These are 35mm full frame so you can use them on DSLRs and silver salt (computer-translated term for film) SLRs as well. Direct link to the announcement (computer-translated to english). Expect more in the future.
  • Shiguma's (computer-translated name for Sigma) two new flashes, the EF-530 DG Super and ST are going on sale for around 55k yen and 39k yen. First the Canon version comes out in late July, followed by the Nikon version in early August, and the Sigma version at the end of August. No date has yet been announced for the Sony/Minolta version. Direct link to Sigma Japan press release
  • Also going on sale in late July in Japan is the lovely Sigma 24-60mm F2.8 EX DG for around 65K yen. Mounts not mentioned. This is a 35mm full frame lens, so you can use it on both DSLRs and film SLRs. Sigma notice
  • Please note I do not know if the prices mentioned are MSRP or MAP or estimated starting street prices.
  • That's all folks! And as always thanks to the for keeping us up to date with the Japanese market news!

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