Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Numbers: NPD Group reports rankings based on dollar sales!

The NPD Group has published a report at on consumer electronic sales based on total revenue of various industries in the USA from Nov 2006 thru April 2007. Among them is a digital imaging and cameras! Link (Part 2). Part 1 of the report is here. If you want a complete report, please contact the NPD Group or

The Data: The information is based on retail point-of-sale data for the period of November 2006 through April 2007, collected by NPD from selected retailers. The data represents actual sales for these chains on a SKU by SKU basis.

The digital imaging industry totalled $3.7 billion dollars. Digital camera sales totalled $3 billion. The top ten brands are ranked but no individual figures are given. The ranking is (based on revenue/dollars, not units sold):
1. Canon
2. Sony
3. Nikon (thank you DLSRs!)
4. Kodak
5. Olympus
6. Fuji
7. Panasonic
8. HP
9. Casio
10. Polaroid

  • The top 10 accounted for 95.5% of the $sales$
  • Who is missing from this? Pentax, Samsung

    The webcam/PC cam market in contrast is $95 million dollars.

    What they call "35mm SLR numbers" I have no clue what they measure. There are two categories, the "35mm SLR Lens Shutter" total of $11.7 million and the "35mm SLR total" with $8.7 million. In the 2nd category, Promaster is ranked #2. We know they are not measuring DSLRs because DSLR sales are not just $10 million when total digital camera sales are $3 billion. Your guess is a good as mine on these two categories. Please do not overract!

    Memory cards were $746 million with Sandisk leading the way. Camcorders were a $700 million business with Sony, JVC, Canon, Panasonic, Samsung leading the way.

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