Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Official Panasonic announcement of FZ18, FX33 and FX55

  • dpreview officially announces the new Panasonic digital cameras that were leaked late last night. The three new cameras are the FZ18, along with the compact FX33 and FX55
  • The US price and availability is as follows: FZ18 $400 in September (Wow!), FX55 at $350 in September and FX33 at $300 (the mass market model). Unless you want a 3" LCD, the FX33 is the one to get. Prices according to dcresource
  • Sample pictures gallery from Panasonic Japan. First impressions by Pop Photo
  • Mark Peters took sample pictures at the Panasonic press conference in Dublin, Ireland.
  • dpreview Panasonic Talk forum reaction here
  • A nicely done graph mapping aperture and focal length by a Panasonic dpreview forum user!
  • Wall to wall discussions on the FZ18 in the dpreview Panasonic Talk forum. New threads with samples, commentary, and previews are showing up every few minutes. If you are interested in the FZ18, the dpreview Panasonic forum is the place to be! Also reaction from Canon users
  • Also taking an early look at the FZ18 is digitalcamerainfo and pixinfo. Given the multiple press events Panasonic held for these cameras in different countries, expect more of these to show up
  • An interesting comparison betwen the FZ18 and the Fuji S6000fd (aka S6500fd)

    Information from Japan
  • Japanese introduction of these cameras at digitalcamera.jp (computer-translated to english)
  • Production output: FZ18 at 15,000 units per month. FX55 at 30,000 units per month, while the FX33 is the mass market model at 70,000 units per month.
  • Colors in Japan: The FZ18 will be available in silver and black, the FX55 in silver, black and pink, while the mass market FX33 in silver, blue, shell white, blue and delicious chocolate brown.
  • Japanese prices: FZ18 for 55000 yen, FX55 for 45000 yen, and the FX35 for 42000 yen.
  • Some of the things mentioned in the presentation according to digitalcamera.jp: The FX30 and TZ3 are best sellers in Japan. The TZ3 is establishing a new genre of cameras. FX100 is in the top 10. Panasonic wants to be #1 in market share. Currently at 20% in Japan (I think).

    Can the FX-series get some love?
    Pictured below are the FX55, in three colors, in the first row, and the FX33 in four colors in the second row (blue, silver, chocolate brown and black). The main difference is a 3" LCD on the FX55. Based on the production numbers posted above Panasonic expects to sell a lot more FX33 than FX55.

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