Thursday, July 12, 2007

New from Samsung, the S85 (8mp, 5x)

  • dpreview introduces to the world the new Samsung S85. If you have been following the digital camera market for a while the name may be confusing or perhaps give you a deja vu moment. The name may remind you of the old Sony S85
  • Detailed specs at Samsung's website (link courtesy of dpreview).
  • Meet the Samsung S85: The S85 uses an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, a 5x optical (38-190 eq), SHD lens, no optical/sensor-shift stabilization, two AA batteries, 2.5" LCD, the obligatory face recognition, manual exposure (but no shutter priority or aperture priority).
  • UK price 119 UK pounds according to dpreview
  • USA price and availability: $230 in August, according to IR
  • This is the third of the four Samsung cameras announced in the last two days that use the 8mp 1/2.5" sensor. So, expect more?

  • Analysis: So why make this camera when you have the S850 with similar specs? Well, the S850 is using a 1/1.8" sensor with 5x optical. So what does this mean? Is this intended as a tier below the 1/1.8" S-series or is Samsung transitioning them to the smaller sensors? Given the design and the choice of silver instead of black, I am tempted to say it's the latter, but not very confidently. This camera essentially comes in a step above the potentially-million-unit blockbusters, the S630 and S730, which also use 1/2.5" but only 3x optical. Since the S800, S830 and S850 names were taken by 1/1.8" cameras, I guess the marketing people of Samsung thought they had use a different scheme for this. Makes sense... Samsung is after all on a mission to become the #3 seller (shipper) of digital cameras in 2007, and the cheaper a camera is, the more units it's likely to sell worldwide.

  • My predictions and speculation on Samsung in my Samsung-specific Fauxtokina 2007 speculation post.
  • Prediction Score: I had no prediction for this one. I score 0% on this one :-)

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