Saturday, July 28, 2007

Photography shows on TV (USA)

  • Please check local listings for exact airtimes.
  • Sun July 29, Half Past Autumn: The Life and Works of Gordon Parks, on HBO Signature
  • Mon July 30, Playboy's Photographers on the Playboy channel. Mature audiences and subscription required.
  • Mon July 30, Radical Sabbatical, fashion/beauty photographer wants to open a dog spa? on Fantasy Living
  • Tue July 31, and August 6, some PBS stations may be featuring two photographers respectively in the series A World of Art: Works in Progress. The first one is photographer Lorna Simpson, and the 2nd is photographer/painter Beverly Buchanan.
  • Wedn August 1, Impact: Stories of survival: Photographer Electrocuted is the feature story on this documentary series on the Discovery Health Channel
  • Fri August 3, Inside the Tornado, photographers and storm chasers try to measure the inside of a tornado, National Geographic Channel
  • Fri August 3, Saving Jazz, on Sundance. Jazz photographer Herman Leonard returns to New Orleans where his studio, darkroom and part of his photographic archives were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina
  • Mon August 6, How it's made, one of the topics is optical lenses, Discovery Channel (two showings on that date)
  • Mon Aug 6, Seneca Ray Stoddard: An American Original, landscape photographer, on some PBS stations
  • Tue Aug 7, Judge Maria Lopez, a couple sues a wedding photographer for blotched wedding pictures, syndicated
  • Thur Aug 9, How it's made, one of the topics is photo booths, Discovery Channel
  • Thur Aug 9, Garden Insects, exploring close up photography of garden insects (carefully typing this word), some PBS stations.

  • There's also a number of programs that have photography and photographers in their plot but they are not necessarily focused on photography. If people are interested in those, please let me know and I will try to include them in the listings.

  • Those in the UK, they can watch on BBC 4's Digital Photography Britain in Pictures with Tom Ang. Details here in this dpreview forum thread

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