Monday, July 23, 2007

Photography Soup (7/23/07) (updated)

  • Reliable Panasonic rumors: Two new compacts and one long zoom. Details here. My speculation on Panasonic here at Fauxtokina 2007
  • The chatter on the Canon 40D picks up again. Various threads in the Canon 30D/20D forum. My speculation on Canon here at Fauxtokina 2007

  • As the title implies, this is a soup of photography related topics, along with dpreview forum discussions you may find interesting.
  • A first impressions user review of the 12mp Panasonic FX100. Discussion of the user review in the dpreview Panasonic Talk forum. Sample pictures here (note: link has lots of pictures). Another user review from Mars
  • Speaking of revies, the Sony H9 gets reviewed by IR. I won't reveal the findings, but it has sparked Sony Talk forum debates
  • A sneak peek in the world of camcorders reveals the new "tapeless" JVC Everio GZ-HD3 using a 3CCD sensor, Konica Minolta HD lens (kid you not), 60gb hard disk drive, etc, etc, etc.
  • Speaking of new gadgets, here is a 5mp camera phone from Samsung, the Samsung G600!
  • Mike Johnston, of the online photographer blog and column, talks about a new up-and-coming auction site dedicated to photography items. Its name, CameraGAS, GAS being Gear Acquisition Syndrome (or insert your favorite TLA explanation)
  • And a discussion about Fanboys. Expect a spirited discussion (translation: drama!)
  • This forum user takes apart his Pentax K100D
  • And now some pictures: Sunday Bird, and Sunday Flower, and Weekly Wildlife, and the Weekly Closeup. And a portrait.
  • And this is for those who like to shop shop shop shop.
  • Jeff Keller has posted his review of the Olympus E510. Forum discussion here

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