Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Photography Soup (7/24/07)

  • Latest Nikon rumors from the D200/D100 forum talk of one new Pro and one semi-pro coming in August. The poster of the thread is a reputable forum users, so it's not just another rumor. But unless something is officially announced, it should be treated as rumor.
  • Sony Electronics has a new blog
  • Deep discount on PS CS3 from Adobe?
  • New blog feature: I have decided to do a new blog feature. At the end of each month I will be doing a recap of all the cameras announced during that month. Sort of like a quick summary for people to catch up and also a quick reference for the future! If you have any suggestions for other blog features and such, please do not hesitate to make them!
  • New cameras today: The Panasonic FZ18, FX33 and FX55, and the Kodak C513 using a 5mp Kodak CMOS sensor.
  • For those always on the lookout for yet another digital camera, without breaking the bank
  • I missed this one earlier, BenQ demoted its CEO after creating a big financial mess speckled with bad decisions.
  • How about some phototagging? (it's not what you may think it is!)
  • It was suggested to add some pictures since this blog is so full of ...text. So I'll be adding some ...dessert with each ...soup.

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