Thursday, July 26, 2007

Photography Soup (7/26/07) (updated)

Late Edition

  • Law & Order Camera & Photo edition: dpreview informs us that Kodak is suing Matsushita (Panasonic, JVC, etc) on Kodak patent infringement. Apparently similar cases were settled with Sanyo, Olympus and Sony. More at Bloomberg. I guess that's a better way for Kodak to make money, $80 cameras are not very profitable :-)
  • Panasonic users react to the new 18x Fuji S8000fd.
  • is updated with the US announcements from Fuji. Of the seven cameras announced, only three are going to Japan right now (S8000fd, Z100fd, and of course F50fd). The UK and Singapore seems to be getting all seven, while the US is getting five (no Z100fd, no S5800fd).
  • Official F50fd sample picture(s) from Fuji
  • Pet Photography Tip: When I walk around I sometimes see posters for lost pets. And the pictures the people have are not very good at identifying the pet if you happen to run into it. So here is a tip for pet owners: Take nice and clean pictures of your pets such that you can use to make prints and posters in the unfortunate case of your pet being lost.
  • IrfanView and usability
  • How about some podcasts? (iPod not required)
  • Historical data: 2006 market share numbers in the USA market
  • Mosquito sucking photographer's blood. Link has pictures in it! If you are uncomfortable with the topic, do not click!
  • Wanna know more about the Olympus E1 successor? Could it go on sale in late September?
  • Confession time! Who uses 3rd party lenses?
  • A Sigma SD14 review, bound to cause an interesting discussion
  • How about a model?
  • 35mm full frame, another topic bound to cause a kerfuffle
  • Sensor size debate. Smaller sensors better? You decide.

    Morning Edition
  • The latest talk of the photo town are the seven new Fuji cameras!. Complete specs on all seven can be found at dpreview. This seems to answer the unanswered questions on the Fuji S8000fd: A 1/2.35" Bayer sensor and sensor-shift image stabilization. And a RAWsumer take on the new Fujis.
  • Awards time! Pop Photo gives out its 2007 Editor's Choice awards. Lots of cameras were given awards! Eight DSLRs, one digital RF, one larger than 35mm, and 21 non-dSLR digital cameras received awards. Granted there are over a hundred current digital camera models. Sadly my CokeBottle-on-a-Matchbox ultra-compact camera was a runner-up ;-) PopPhoto has a 207-page online Editors Choice article. Camera phones were also given awards, but sadly for film fans, nothing film-related. But regardless this looks like PopPhoto is finally "getting" the internet.
  • Today's dessert is the delicious looking Fuji Z10fd

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