Friday, July 27, 2007

Photography Soup (7/27/07) (updated)

  • Just posted at dpreview, the highly anticipated Canon S5 IS review!. A nice 21-page review by Simon Joinson. As always, I won't spoil the findings, you have to read it yourselves :-) Elaborate dpreview forum discussion of the review here

    Late edition
  • Catch up with my long-winded but comprehensive predictions and speculations for the rest of 2007. Start here
  • Big announcement coming from Sony "soon"? There is also discussion on a potential Sony lens recall from some retailers. As always, the speculations fly all over the place! And some comprehensive speculation earlier in the month from a Photoclub Alpha, a Minolta Club in Great Britain. Also another interesting Sony DSLR thread.
  • An Olympic ...kerfuffle
  • A second sample from the Fuji F50fd has been posted, disected and discussed.
  • Can't stop shopping?
  • On pixels
  • What do you want to see in an potential Nikon D300?
  • Discussion on the Pentax DA * 15-50 F2.8
  • How is Pentax doing in the UK
  • Battery choices, NiMH vs Lithium vs CRV3

    Early edition
  • informs us that Pentax learns a lesson in supply and demand. The demand for the smc PENTAX-DA * 50-135mmF2.8ED IF lens is much greater than the supply. This is both good news and bad news for Pentax users.
  • Interestingly shortly after the Fuji announcement, the price of the Fuji S6000fd (aka S6500fd) has gone up $20. Coincidence or someone is paying attention? Nevertheless, with the $50 mail-in rebate it remains one of the biggest bargains among current digital camera models at around $300.
  • And what is today's dessert? Well none other that the Fuji S8000fd!

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