Saturday, July 28, 2007

Photography Soup (7/28/07)

  • For those not familiar with the Photography Soup, it is what the name suggests. A soup of photography and camera related topics!

    Late Edition
  • Well, that's coming ...later! Update: Obviously there was no late edition :)

    Early Edition
  • A straw poll of Pentax users. Which lens do you use most often?
  • A retouching challenge of an eagle picture in the dpreview retouching forum
  • For the historians among you, at the beginning of each month I will be summarizing the new camera releases of the previous month. So expect around August 1st a recap of July. And July has been an interesting month so far!
  • And a thread full of pictures using the Canon 85mm F1.8 wide open. And how about some sunsets?
  • For the latest in Imaging Sensors check Image Sensors World
  • Numbers! What sold well in Japan in May 2007?. The sales data comes from two of the biggest stores in Japan, BiC and Yodobashi.
  • A total of three sample images of the Fuji F50fd are posted at All three are at ISO 100. I'm sure a lot of people would love to pixel-peep ISO 400 and 800 :)
  • This is an interesting discussion: Products or companies that undeserverdly failed or went out of business.
  • Image Stabilization wars! In-body vs In-lens stabilzation? A test at CameraLabs. Forum reaction to this here and here
  • More camera awareness in the newspapers! The Pentax K10D according to this post will be featured in a number of big city newspapers starting August 3.
  • It's a small world!, really!
  • Today's eye candy segment: Is the Olympus SP320 back in circulation?

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