Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Photography Soup

  • More Canon 40D rumors
  • More speculations and predictions written up! Recently added Sony, Samsung and Pentax DSLRs. Please keep in mind this gigantic post is a work in progress! Comments are welcome!
  • New from BenQ! the C740 (7mp, 3x, PSAM) and the E820 (8mp, 3x, 2.5" LCD). More at PhotoNews and at BenQ
  • List of digital camera announcements
  • Meet the almost secret Samsung digital camera, the D103, the first in the D-series. This camera was announced just before Christmas in the UK, and Samsung.UK lists it under the S-series. A side-by-side comparison with the S1030 (announced in early 2007) reveals a smaller LCD for the D103 (2.5" vs 2.7"), a slight difference in pixel size for the 10mp image, and an Easy Grip vs a Power Grip. The D103 has a "fatter" grip which may remind some a bit of the old Olympus C-series. And the PC requirements have gone from Pentium 700Mhz to 800Mhz for the S1030 (for the bundled software). So essentially Samsung wanted to release the S1030 earlier in the UK so they turned it into a separate model. I do not know if the D103 is available anywhere else.

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