Sunday, July 8, 2007

Photography Soup

  • Is film making a comeback?
  • Love dpreview? It has tons of RSS feeds. You can subscribe for everything, or perhaps for items that are for your favorite brands and forums even. If you are using a news reader, check it out!
  • Is the highly anticipated Sony announcement coming this Monday, July 9, 2007?
  • Taking the 1D Mark III to the ballpark. More Sky is falling Mark III posts here and here
  • An homage to the Olympus E1 with this portraits/people picture thread
  • To shop or not to shop? that is the question!
  • And now for some fun, this is a show us your butt picture thread. Needless to say if you are prude, a puritan, uptight, or visiting this century from the medieval times, please do not click on this link ;-)

  • tells us that the Sigma version of the highly anticipated Sigma 18-200 f3.5-6.3 DC OS lens will be released on July 15 in Japan for around 80000 yen.
  • The Pentax 50-200 DA gets reviewed and discussed
  • To Prime or not to prime (Olympus SLR talk)

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